Reasons For A Retail Refurbishment

So your considering a refurbishment?

Improving your customer experience while maintaining employee productivity is generally the main goal in a retail fitout.

From the moment customers enter your store, until completion of their purchase the customer experience is everything in retail.

These days with online shopping beginning to lead the market, retail stores are looking for ways to offer a point of difference.

Well… Online stores don’t give customers a welcoming, easy flowing store to walk through and try on clothing.
Therefore creating the most practical store for the customer is the perfect point of difference!

Utilising the most practical use of floor and wall space maximises the clients experience and variety of choice.

Yourself and your staff offer the best feedback when designing a layout- 
nobody knows the clients buying behaviour like you!

A fresh new look could be the best decision you make for your business:

More efficient use of space-

Sometimes change is as good as a holiday! 

Weather presenting the same products in different ways or mixing things up. The impact of maximising space, optimising traffic flow and rearranging displays is massive.

A refurbishment can generate excitement; attracting new customers and giving existing customers enthusiasm for your brand.

Improved employee performance

Employees are often your most important asset and crucial success to your business.

Making their enjoyment for is the first step in helping the clients experience.

Improving staff facilities can improve productivity and have a great impact on team confidence.

These things are a way of showing you consider improving their work place a worthwhile investment.

Keep on trend

These days ‘trends’ can change as frequently as your underwear, keeping up with the latest trends can be tiring.

Creating an eye-catching shopfront can be the difference you need.

If you have neon signage from the 2000’s and your waiting for the trend to come back, you might be waiting a while.
Keeping up trends is the key for maintaining an inviting store that stops people in their tracks…

You do not need to change your shopfront every 3 months. Instead creating a simplistic yet timeless shopfront – something that will not date and you can make small changes too over time.

Once you have a timeless shopfront you can integrate décor that adds features of your brand.

Health & Safety

While meeting legislation is a non-negotiable, general wear and tear can have an impact on the value of your business.

If your vinyl flooring is creating trip hazards or the displays are starting to pose safety risks, its time you make a change!

Show customers they are number #1

Understanding your customers need is probably the first thing you were taught when you started your first job.

Tune in to what your customers want – they want to feel like they are being heard so feedback is vital.

Improving customers experience is a way or showing appreciation and letting them know they are valued.

A valued customer is a repeat customer!