Located in a natural bush setting with incredible views overlooking the Leschenault inlet, the objective of the Bunbury Golf Club refurbishment was to refresh and modernise the space, open up the indoors to the magnificence outside, while maintaining and honouring the club’s 70 year history and heritage.

Changing Spaces refurbished the offices, changerooms, boardrooms and the hub of the club – the bar. The refurbishment celebrates the structure of the building while producing a timeless ambience which incorporates the club colours.

A major focus was to create an aesthetically pleasing space that optimised the club’s events and function potential, especially creating a venue which was especially attractive for weddings and corporate events.

The finishes, in particular, the use of stone bench tops and marri timber, were especially selected to work harmoniously with the beautiful natural elements.

The Bunbury Golf Club’s reputation as South West WA’S premier golf facility is further strengthened and perfectly reflected in this refurbishment of the club rooms.

BUILDER: Changing Spaces

DESIGNER: Changing Spaces