Office Fitouts

The happier your employees are in their workplace the more productive they are .. It’s a proven fact.

The success of your company can be linked with the impression a client’s hold of you. From a lunch room fit out through to a boardroom or a full office, Its a chance for your space to embody the personality of your company or allow for future growth.
We customise each office fit out to meet your needs and budget – providing creative and practical solutions that exceed expectations.
Changing Spaces can assist with design through to construction offering a single point of contact and a team of in house trades saving you time and hassle.

Supported by our wealth of knowledge and years of office fit out experience we understand the needs of a huge range or organisations, enabling us to tailor solutions for every type of company.

It could be a small office to a 300m2 space we can guarantee the delivery of a solution that supports your business vision, goals, brand and culture.

Simple Steps for a Stress-less Solution

So you are considering an office fitout..

Engaging a builder early in the process can have massive benefits as we are able to provide you with our knowledge and advice right from the start and leverage our industry relationships to ensure all essential requirements and compliance are ticked off.

Upon initial discussions we generally organise a suitable time to catch up and run through what you are thinking, you can bounce questions of us and we will give you HONEST advice on ways to achieve your goals.

At this meeting we are able to put together a scope of works from our discussions and have a look at the existing space to ensure any potential hiccups or problems are identified now .. not once the build has started!

Now that we have an idea of exactly what you are looking for we will calculate a costing, quote or estimation along with a detailed scope of works and a sketch if required.

We make sure you clearly understand exactly what our price includes so you are not left with any unexpected costs.

If you have a budget in mind then we work together to maximise cost-efficiency and make your money work for you and your concept.

This process is honest and transparent where we strive to provide ideas and options to achieve your vision and goals – it could be a lower budget option, a mid range fit out or a high specification executive finish, we are committed to providing all options that can help make it work for you

If you are ready to continue with the process, often a set of drawings or plans is required.

This allows you to view the floor plan and elevations of your proposed fitout so that everything is exactly how you have always envisaged it.

You may have already completed this but if not you do not need to stress, Changing Spaces can assist with working through this process with you.

These drawings will fully document dimensions, elevations, specifications and finishes to make sure everybody involved is on the same page – plus everything can be brought to life in drawings giving you the chance to visualise the completed space before construction and identify areas that may require adjustments.

Now that we have your plans its a good idea to revisit the quote and make sure everything is covered and check there has been no changes that might increase or decrease your budget.

Once you are happy with everything we can sign a contract so that we both know exactly what is required from each other. This includes giving you full visibility to the programme of works and answering any questions that you might have to ensure a seamless start-to-finish service.

Now that the green light has been given there is 1 final step in the approval process and that is permission from your local council (if required)

You don’t have to worry about a thing because we manage this whole process for you. We will handle the council and make sure everything is completed just the way they need it so that compliance is adhered too throughout the whole build.

What we like to think is the fun part!

You get to select exactly what you have imagined in your head, An office is a chance to enhance your brand identity, add a splash of colour and style that improves the funcionality and look of the space.

The meeting is generally held in our office where we can present all your selections giving you the chance to look and touch the different products available to make sure you make the best decision possible

Well, sit back and relax – leave the work up to us!

You have nothing to worry about simply watch your project transform.

We will carry out all the construction that we agreed on in our scope of works and the project will be completed to our highest standard in the most efficient manner. Our signature service is communication and that’s exactly what you can expect – always!

Congratulations on achieving this fantastic milestone for your business.

While the fitout might be completed that does not mean we are!

We are only a phone call away for any ongoing maintenance or questions offering full post construction services.